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Security threats aren’t just for big business. In fact, nearly half of SMBs are attacked within the year. 

Our Expertise, Your Security

Your data and technology infrastructure are as vital to your company as your office space. If you leave either unprotected, bad actors will come along and hinder your success.

Every business owner needs cybersecurity solutions in place to ensure the safety of their data, and a properly designed and implemented infrastructure to ensure reliability and uptime.

The team at PCS knows how these threats operate, and we have worked to create holistic cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization. Our solutions include firewall security, web content filtering, spam protection, threat management, End-Point protection, and more.

Our project engineers have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, training, and certifications. We are highly skilled in wired and wirleless network design, configuration, and optimization. Without proper planning and design, no network will perform optimally, an issue we address with our vendor-agnostic survey and design capabilities.

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