Wireless Site surveys begin with detecting Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Knowing the behavior of these RF signals enables us to plan ahead and avoid network interferences that throttle the network speed.

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Wireless Site Surveys for new office expansion

Site surveys exist to determine the number of Access points to be deployed within the facility/area. Ideally, site surveys should be performed at the start; the planning phase. This lets you save time and money for further revisions and relocation of access points when you discovered you installed these access points in unnecessary locations.

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Wireless Network Optimization

An overhaul to a company's network requires a site survey and heatmapping services. A heatmapping service maps out the dead spots that are unreachable by the networking device. Heatmapping also displays the signal strength information and connected users. With a heatmapping tool, optimizing your wireless network becomes much easier!

Let's plan your next network installation/optimization.

Let PCS handle your wireless network worries; frequent disconnections, unreachable areas, and frequent network downtime. Wireless Site surveys by PCS use the best tools and are observed by our capable IT engineers.

PCS offers complete wireless network deployment (including site surveys) for small and medium-sized businesses. By having a uniform wireless strategy implemented throughout your entire business, your users can access the internet, and your intranet, regardless of their location in your office. There are a number of factors that require your attention before implementing a wireless solution, and PCS can walk you through the process every step of the way.

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