File and Data Security are top concerns of every flourishing organizations.

Vault doorNew technologies are being developed every single day. Some may help your business, some may not. But most likely, it will not. What's worse, some are developed for good use, while others are using it for their bad intentions.

There are antivirus programs released by big IT companies and actively recognizes potential digital threats. These antivirus programs scan your PC real-time and heavily rely on their virus and malware library collection to weed out the threats. However, every experienced hacker knows the extent of protection of these antivirus programs. Circumventing a way to mask their digital footprints and go around these programs is easily possible. Once they gain access to your networks, stealing information your company has is a piece of cake.


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Eliminate Security wormholes before they catch you off-guard.

PCSsolid1colorbluePenetration services from PCS use human intelligence to simulate the thinking and logic used by cybercriminals. Our IT Security team uses different tests of varying degrees to verify vulnerable areas of your IT system. Simply put, we will simulate an attack to your IT system and try to find entry points that are easily exploited. This is the ethical hacking part of IT. We'll report our findings to you, along with our recommended plans of action for you to secure these vulnerabilities.

Penetration services are recommended at least once a year since newer types of attacks are born regularly. Also, one of the reasons why intrusions happen is because security software is out of date. Security companies do a good job of keeping pace with hackers, but if you don’t promptly apply applicable patches, you leave your entire IT infrastructure at risk of exploits.

We also provide managed security services along with our routine penetration tests. With our managed security service, your security is never a question because updating one centralized location eliminates the possibility of forgetting to update all your devices.

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