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Tip of the Week: Keyboard Shortcuts


In computing, there are several ways to accomplish things. Keyboards and mice are our methods of input for a computer. Keyboards allow us to input various commands. A computer mouse allows us to click through various things to reach a particular end point.

Did you know that the keyboard can get you to the same point as your mouse? Here are some of the common keyboard shortcuts you can use to reach that common destination.

Using your mouse, you can highlight some text, then RIGHT mouse-click on it and select “Copy” (or you can select Edit from the Menu and select copy). You then choose the destination, then select “Paste.” You can do this with files and folders as well.
Using you keyboard, highlight the text, press Ctrl+C to copy, press Ctrl+V to paste.

Using your mouse, you can click through various Windows or applications you have open (Web Browser, Office document, Windows Explorer window)
Using your keyboard, press Alt+Tab to switch between open windows and applications.

Do you use your web browser with multiple tabs opened? Using your mouse, you can click each tab to view the webpage.
Using your keyboard, press Ctrl+Tab to switch between webpages.

Do a quick search – Windows logo key + S
Show or hide your desktop – Windows logo key + D
Open Windows File Explorer – Windows logo key + E
Quickly lock your computer – Windows logo key + L
Minimize all windows – Windows logo key + M

Using Windows File Explorer:
Search – Ctrl+F
Open a new window – Ctrl+N
Close a window – Ctrl+W
Create a new folder – Ctrl+Shift+N

There are lots of various methods to ease your computing experience using keyboards shortcuts.

Give it a try!

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