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Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Files for Security


Have you ever come across a cool sounding game and downloaded it only to wonder if it’s safe? Or come across a website link and wondered if it was safe to click on?

Before you install that game or click on that link, try going to https://www.virustotal.com/. The first tab will allow you to either select or drag a file to it and it will scan it against several malware and virus engines. The second tab will let you copy a web link into it and it too will scan it and show you the results. If any of the engines flag it as unsafe, it will let you know.

Of course, no anti-virus or malware engine (no matter how advanced) is foolproof, as there are ever-evolving malwares out there, but this site can provide a layer of security on the web.

Be safe out there, and if you find yourself up against viruses or malware, reach out to the IT consultants at PCS.

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