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Why a Wireless Network Design is Necessary in K-12


In the past few years, the needs of a wireless network have evolved greatly. Early on, access to a wireless network at a school was a convenience that allowed a handful of mobile devices access to the internet. With the lack of mobile devices and the financial investment made on wired computer labs, the wireless network was far from mission critical. Today, other than sports stadiums and some hospitals, schools have the highest client density and some of the most demanding wireless needs of any user group. Schools now have a wireless device, typically a laptop or tablet, for every student and teacher in the district. The wireless network must also sometimes support a wide range of cell phones and other random devices such as printers, A/V equipment, and other devices of varying wireless capabilities. With the influx of wireless devices, the thought process in which a wireless network was designed also had to shift from providing coverage designs to engineering capacity designs.

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WPA3: The New Security Standard and What to Expect


As a technology service provider, one of the questions we get asked all the time is “How can I make my wireless network more secure?” Well, the recent completion of a new wireless security standard should go a long way toward helping protect corporate and home wireless networks. There are some limitations when it comes to interoperability between hardware appliances that run the new WPA3 standard and legacy wireless products, but as savvy network administrators and security solution providers move their clients to the newer standard, overall wireless security should improve greatly. This “new” standard is just now emerging, but here are some details to spark your interest.

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