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Quick Tip - Using Quick Access in Windows 10

For many of us, our work roles require us to access folders and files that are buried deep on a drive or network share. It can be tedious clicking through a dozen folders to find the one we’re looking for.

A client of ours recently emailed me asking for some help with this exact problem. She had my sympathy, because I’ve been there before too. You may already be thinking of an obscure folder you’d like easier access to yourself.

You can solve this problem a few ways, but I want to share the solution I use, the one I shared with our client. I use the Quick access feature to pin a folder to the left sidebar in the Windows 10 Folder Explorer.

I’m a project engineer regularly creating scope of work documents for projects, and I need to store them a few levels deep in a folder on a network share. Instead of hunting through the network to find this folder each time, I can instead right-click on the folder, select Pin to Quick access, and then the folder will pin to my Quick access list.

Now that I have this pinned, I can access it with a single click any time I need.


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