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Interactive Touch Technology in the Classroom


To kick off the new school year, Kim Seebach has a new addition to her Special Education classroom at Maryville City Schools – a Promethean ActivTable. Kim has already had a Promethean ActivBoard for some time that she’s used to teach language arts, math, communication, language, and life skills in her classroom. She's already familar with and loves Promethean technology and with the addition of an ActivTable, it gives her students who can’t use the board an alternative option.

"I teach a self-contained program for Maryville City Schools. I have 26 years’ experience as a special education teacher. This year I will have 10 students. Many of the kiddos are non-verbal and have autism. They are visual interactive learners. Even with a wand, access is very difficult for one child that has very limited mobility and limited motor skills. Interactive technologies such as a Promethean ActivTable will provide greater access for each student in my classroom. Many of my students have greater control with fingers than with a pen. Having a visual surface that is smaller and closer to the student and is mobile produces increased learning opportunities." – Kim Seebach, Maryville City Schools

The ActivTable is an example of how students with limited mobility can have access to interactive technology in the classroom. The latest technology from Promethean is not only mobile (such as the ActivPanel on an adjustable mobile stand), it also allows the ability to mirror lesson content to smartphones, Chromebooks, tablets, and laptops, and to share content ideas and student work through the power of ActivCast. Promethean’s ActivCast technology places the power of the interactive touch not only in the classroom, but in the palm of the students hand, combining the best of both teaching environments.

For more information on the latest ActivPanel technology or for a first-hand look and demonstration, please contact PCS at 865-273-1960 or visit our Promethean resources page.  

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