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Has Your IT Service Provider Taken the Time to Learn Your Business?

Has Your IT Service Provider Taken the Time to Learn Your Business?

With so many companies in the business of providing some manner of IT services, the market can be overwhelming and generate a lot of questions:

  • What does “flat-rate IT services” mean?
  • What is my monthly bill going to be?
  • What do I get for the money I pay my service provider?

In order to answer those questions effectively and ensure that customers receive the service they expect and deserve, the absolute most important step in our process is called the Discovery.

When we talk to a prospective customer about flat-rate WorryFreeIT services, we describe our process for working with them. We often receive some variation of this question: “Why do you need access to all of my systems, servers, and everything else? Can’t you just give me a price? At least a ballpark figure?”

The answer is a definitive no. I’m afraid we can’t do that. And the reason we can’t do that is for that customer’s own protection.

The problem with a lot of IT companies is that their pricing is either deliberately misleading and confusing, or it looks low because it doesn’t actually cover anything.

At the risk of relying too much on analogies, here are a few things to consider. Would a doctor be able to give a reliable diagnosis without conducting an exam? Would a mechanic be able to give you an estimate if all he knew was, “I have a car, and it sputters”? There are a million examples of professionals who need information in order to provide a proper solution.

If an IT “service provider” claims to be able to provide you a quote over the phone – based simply on a count of PCs, servers, and printers – they either don’t know what they’re doing, or (worse) they know exactly what they’re doing and it’s the bare minimum.

Any company who doesn’t offer a full discovery and insist on sitting down in-person with you to review the findings doesn’t value your business and doesn’t deserve to be your partner. I encourage you to contact PCS and let us talk to you about what a customer-focused IT company can do to help you.

Why PCS?
PCS has been a leader among Knoxville area IT companies and serving this community for over 20 years. Our all-inclusive services enable you to focus on running your business without constantly worrying over your IT. Your search for IT companies in the Knoxville area can begin and end with PCS. As your IT partner, we take the IT part of your business out of your hands, and the hands of your employees, who should also be focusing on what’s most important - running and growing your business.  

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