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Do Your Potential Clients Know What It Looks Like to Work With You?


While we all have a series of steps we generally follow each time we partner with someone to provide products or services, we often don’t document them or tell our clients (or prospective ones) what those steps are.

There is credibility in an established, consistent process that is consistently followed. It ensures that steps aren’t missed and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our PCS Proven Process has eight steps. Each of them is important and skipping any one of them (and I write this from repeated experience which has – finally – resulted in lessons being learned). It may seem simple – in fact, it should seem simple – but these steps, in this order, produce results.

  1. Learn

    We learn about our potential clients. What do they do? What do they want to do? What gives them trouble? How can we help? And maybe we’re not the right fit. If not, can we help them find a provider who is? At the very least, we can save each other a lot of time and trouble.
  1. Discover

    We perform a hands-on assessment, evaluating our potential client’s environment. What is working? What is not working? As Yogi Berra said, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”
  1. Design

    Now we build a plan of action. We review your needs, determine your issues, and design a plan to address them.
  1. Demonstrate

    We will present our solution – designed especially for you, our prospective client – discuss the outcomes we expect, and talk about timelines and costs.
  1. Plan

    We do not nickel-and-dime clients, so there will be no hidden costs, nor will there be ‘scope creep.’ We will conduct a deep-dive discovery, establish a detailed scope of work, prepare for your project, and schedule all the steps.
  1. Implement

    This is the fun part – for us and for you. We will install all of your equipment, load software, and – most importantly – train your team on how we’ll work together. We want to make it as easy as possible to interact with us, and ensure we become a valued extension of your own team.
  1. Support

    Now we keep you worry-free (there’s a reason we call it WorryFreeIT). Preventive monitoring and maintenance will allow us to keep the issues you’ve been used to calling someone for (or, more likely, just living with) from happening. When something does happen, we’ll communicate with you and fix it. We will act on your behalf and handle your other vendors: internet service provider, software company, copier vendor, whoever – they’re no longer your headache to deal with. They’re ours.
  1. Review

    While we want – and will ask for – your feedback on a regular basis, we will schedule dedicated time with you – predictably and consistently scheduled – to talk about how we’re doing. We’ll also tell you how your team is doing (regarding IT). What issues are we seeing? What are your plans for the next month, quarter, year, or beyond? How can we help you plan for it, and how can we make it easier for you?

None of this stuff is earth-shattering. Nothing listed here is particularly difficult or esoteric. It is all stuff that an IT provider – an IT partner – should be doing for you. But too many of them aren’t – and probably never have. At least not as consistently as you need and, frankly, deserve.

That is why we have designed this process. That is why we have documented it, and why we share it with our prospective clients. We want to be held accountable. We have designed our services to maximize what we can and will do – not to have plenty of fine print to point to while telling we what we can’t or won’t do.

Every company – IT or otherwise – should have a documented, consistently followed proven process. Do you? Does your IT provider? Ask them. Their answer will tell you everything you need to know.

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