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Quick Tip - Using Quick Access in Windows 10

For many of us, our work roles require us to access folders and files that are buried deep on a drive or network share. It can be tedious clicking through a dozen folders to find the one we’re looking for.

A client of ours recently emailed me asking for some help with this exact problem. She had my sympathy, because I’ve been there before too. You may already be thinking of an obscure folder you’d like easier access to yourself.

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No Phishing Allowed


Recently I came across an online plea for help from someone who fell prey to a phishing scam. He said someone claiming to be the company CEO sent him an email asking him to buy Google Play gift cards for a bonus and then send him the details. He was out sick that day, the CEO is off-site a lot, and he didn’t suspect this was a scam. He bought the cards and sent the scammer all the details. It wasn’t until the scammer asked for a second batch of cards that he realized it might not be the CEO. At that point he called the office only to discover it had been a scam all along.

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